Saturday, August 6, 2011

Free TaiQwan Hoskins!

Team Unknown BMX Shredder, and all around Great guy, Taiqwan Hoskins is being held on home detention because some asshole of a Cop asked why his eyes were red. When Tai' responded that he has allergies, this so called "Public Servant", charged Tai' with Public Intoxication. No breathalizer, No blood test, NOTHING! Since Tai' and his family are not rich, he's been on probation for this crap for the last two years,unable to defend himself in court, and unable to pay the probation fees. SO THIS IS WHAT WE ARE GONNA DO! I am hosting the FREE TaiQwan Hoskins Jam at the Anderson Skate Park on Saturday August 13th. All I ask is that EVERYONE PLEASE come out to the Park on this day, and bring at least a dollar, or whatever you can spare. We only need to raise one hundered dollars! I know EVERYONE can afford at least one buck. And if it were you, I'm POSITIVE that TaiQwan would have a dollar for you! I would pay it myself if I could. Tai' is one of my best friends, and one of the BEST young people I know. PLEASE HELP! Sincerely, Joe Miller Unknown Sports

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