Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grafitti is gone!

Thanks to Tyler, Davey, and Zach for painting the exterior of Unknown Sports.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grand Opening a success!

The days events were laid back and everyone had a great time. Unknown Sports new concession area was up and running smoothly, due to Momma working, and sweating her butt off! Most of the locals came out to show thier support, and skills to the delight of the crowd. I was really pleased at the amount of spectators for a first time event.Thanks again to everyone who came to out.

The competition kicked off with the High Ollie competition. This event was full of excitement.In fourth place, just a bit from the podeum was Anderson local Xavier King. I have a feeling that if Xavier were just a little taller, he would have really given the older guys a fight. The battle for the difference between second and third place was nothing short of epic! Spencer Payton and Eric Hall both cleared 18 inches, but niether could get twenty. So, the bar was dropped back down to 18 inches and the first one to clear it would get second leaving the other in third. This back and forth between Spencer and Eric went on for what seemed like forever, until finally Spencer made it over and stuck the landing. The big winner of the High Ollie Contest was non other than Travis Riley. Travis was Killing it all day with some of the highest Ollies this Old Man has ever seen. Great Job Homie!

The next event was the Best Trick competition. The contestants in Best Trick were BMXers and Skaters combined, and the Kids all seemed to enjoy the friendly atmosphere! A special mention has to go out to Tai' who not only stayed at The Unknown Sports compound all weekend to help out, But almost Killed himself trying to 360 the big two step. Tai' even blew up his front wheel, and continued to attempt this trick on a borrowed bike from Davey Ball, Brotherhood at it's finest! In third Place was A-Hole local and Newcastle transplant Chance Smith. Chance had some of the toughest tricks of the contest, but just couldn't land his big trick over the stairs. In second place was "Diamond" Davey Ball. Mr. Ball had one of the best runs of the day complete with the biggest gap attempted by anyone in the contest! At the end of his run, Davey bunny-hopped from the park, over the asphalt and nearly cleared the grass into the street. Welcome to the Team, Scrote! In first place was Anderson local Quentin Roundtree. "Q" was on fire, big trick after big trick and more consistency than anyone else netted Quentin the victory.

The days events wrapped up with the High bunny-hop competition. In third place was non other than A-Holes resident Free-ride mountain biker Andrew Funk. Andrew not only showed up at the park at 6am to clean and blow the park free of debris, but was also taking his 26incher to greater hieghts than I've seen before. Thanks a million Funkmaster! Second place went to Tyler Murray. Tyler was easily clearing the majority of his leaps, But it was "Diamond" Davey Balls' contest to lose! Davey came out swingin', and didn't let up until victory was his.

After the awards ceremony, the winners were all given thier Dog-tag trophies and were asked to assemble for a group photo. It was at this time that myself, Momma and the remaining locals pelted the victors with water balloons. All of the winners welcomed the cool-off, and an open jam commenced. Thanks to all who came out and participated as well as the spectators. Special Thanks to Dave Ball Sr., Andrew Funk, Tai', Tyler Davis, Momma, and everyone else who helped, no matter how big or small. See you all next time. L8r, Joe

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stop, or go to Jail!!!!

This is to the person, or persons who keep spray-painting the outside of Unknown Sports. I do know who you are, and I am coming to your house to speak with your parents.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wombat @ Unknown Sports!

Longtime friend and good guy all around Josh (Wombat) Orr stopped by on his way back to Muncie from Florida. This was the second park josh hit up on the long drive home, Hardcore!