Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So I'm being called a thief!

Well, where do I start? Here it goes! About a month and a half ago, I was phoned by parks Dept. Superintendent John Gates asking me to attend a meeting with the Mayor of Anderson as it pertained to a proposed fundraiser for the Skate Park. I of course agreed, and did in fact attend the aforementioned meeting. At first everyone involved seemed to be genuine in their intentions to make the Anderson skate park a better place for all of the kids who use the park. It was at this meeting where I met Kevin Hummel Sr. for the first time.

My initial response was to gladly accept the offer to make some cool new stuff for the children in our community. I did, however let all involved know that I am extremely busy with my own riding career, as well as attempting to elevate the BMX, and Skateboarding careers of many of our local youth, ( who hold MUCH promise, by the way). It was also around this time that I informed Kevin Hummel Sr. that I have never ridden motorcycles, and had zero idea how to organize a ride.

I was however, asked to provide flyers and help promote the event. Which I, and many of my friends and family did proudly, and with open hearts. My intention has always been to help these kids in any way possible. They DO hold a lot of promise, and I cannot let them be swept under the rug. These kids have become my Family, and weather or not anyone other than MY kids know it, I do not Care.

Now to the part that Blows. The event was a total success, and I will say, that is in large part due to the efforts of one Kevin Hummel Sr. He did , in fact, organize an amazing event! The Shady part starts with the fact that, supposedly the benefit proceeds were to go to the improvement of the Anderson Skate park. However, just last night , I was informed by Kevin Hummel Sr." I never said that money would go to the Skate park, It's for the kids". What Kids? Is it the kids that have never been to the park, or is it for his kid, ( who's bike I've fixed "for free" for the last several days).

All I did was ask how to gain access to the 5058.00 dollars that were raised, so I could contact a well respected ramp builder, who is a friend, and was going to cut us a great deal! I was then informed that I will never see any of the money , and that I was being accused of stealing, first, one-hundred dollars of donated funds from DT's R Bar( which, by the way, was never received)as well as supposedly pocketing ,as I'm told, well over a thousand dollars from my concession sales that day. I can tell you all that my stand profited 130.00 dollars that day, and pardon me, but I am trying to keep this place open.

So now to the real problem, Kevin Hummel Sr. called my Fiance last night screaming at her, as well as making all of these allegations. Then I was texted by Sam Hanna who informed me that he was forwarding all of my texts to the Mayor, as well as, Greg Graham. To this I replied, "Please do!" I DO NOT have anything to hide. I never asked for this Jerks help, and neither did any of MY kids. Also , a good friend of mine donated 25 dollars to us outta the goodness of her heart. The question was raised last night, " what happened to that 25 dollars?" Well, I used it to make a Plaque for Kevin Hummel Jr, to commemorate his great idea as it related to the fundraiser, as I was asked to, by none other than Kevin Hummel Sr.

This guy wants to talk about the misappropriation of funds? How ' bout that he PAID the sound guy. And by the way the parks Dept donated the stage trailer to help ME out, not Kevin Sr. I never asked for his help, and I No longer want any of it. So to wrap things up, all of you who thought you were helping kids, I'm truly sorry, but I will not accept any of the funds this guy raised. He can use it somewhere else!

Sincerely, Joe Miller, Unknown Sports

Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011 Contest schedule!

Here it is!

July 23rd skate July 30th BMX
August 27th skate September 3rd BMX
October 22nd skate Finals! Trick or Street BMX Finals! Oct. 29th

All competitions are subject to change if weather does not cooperate. the first two comps will be to accrue points to get into the finals. The Finals will be Invite only, based on the points from the previous two comps. Cash, and prizes will be awarded at ALL of the events, with Medals being awarded to the Year end Champions in each class! Classes are as follows, novice, expert, and Masters.